K2 Funds Update

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K2 International Quarterly Q3 Webinar | Sept 2015
Daily Price 27.05.16
K2 FUNDS Entry NAV Exit
K2 Asian Fund $156.07 $155.45 $154.83
K2 Australian Fund $178.38 $177.67 $176.96
K2 Select International Fund $145.27 $144.69 $144.11

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Latest KAM Share price.

K2 Global Equities Fund (KII)
Intraday Indicative NAV (iNAV) A$2.33 as at 12:01PM 31st May 2016
K2 Australian Small Cap (KSM)
Intraday Indicative NAV (iNAV) A$2.51 as at 12:01PM 31st May 2016