K2 Asset Management is an expert in understanding equity markets. Our mission is to achieve positive returns for our clients and protect their capital. Keeping a watchful eye gives us the confidence to act. We see and know how, when and where to invest for success. At K2, we know vigilance rewards.

K2 Asset Management (K2) is a listed Australian diversified financial services firm with three core pillars:

  1. Funds Management;
  2. Responsible Entity (RE) and Trustee Service; and
  3. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Established in 1999, K2 is the main operating subsidiary of K2 Asset Management Holdings Ltd which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Code: KAM).

Since inception we have been recognised as a leading financial services provider delivering consistent oucomes across the core pillars of the business. Our achievements make us a primary investment choice – not only amongst specialist funds but also as an alternative to mainstream fund management brands.

At K2 we are focused on our ability to deliver a strong and well-implemented investment strategy. We base this strategy on always keeping a watchful eye on market conditions and having the right processes and people to achieve successful outcomes.

Our long term results support the success of our strategies.

Vigilance Rewards

K2 believes that vigilance rewards. Our investment managers remain ever watchful of market conditions making active decisions to deliver positive returns. Their focus includes capital preservation across the K2 funds.

Our Philosophy

Watchfulness and adaptability.

This underscores everything K2 does and is what shapes our behaviour.
We understand equity market conditions can change rapidly.

We also know clients want both capital returns and capital preservation.
We respond quickly and effectively to changing conditions to deliver the results our clients have come to expect.

With market volatility an increasing fact of life we know that capital preservation is paramount. We invest in equity markets to generate long-term growth but we are also focused on preserving our clients’ gains during volatile periods.

Investment Process

At K2, we empower our managers to be both active and decisive. They monitor the market - not just daily but hour by hour tapping into the latest trends and best performing companies. They act quickly and efficiently whatever the market conditions.

Flexible Investment Style: K2's flexible investment style enables it to tailor its approach according to the current phase of the economic cycle.

Knowledge and Experience: Our fund managers have the knowledge and experience to back their own judgement. We are agile and responsive: we can buy long, sell short, or move to cash in a short time frame as market conditions change. K2 remains nimble, capacity limits on the funds have been determined to enable continued performance, flexibility and liquidity.

Framework: K2 operates within a framework focused on the needs of our clients: to deliver upside growth and downside protection.

In all market conditions, K2 believes that all investment portfolios benefit from the inclusion of a fund that provides flexibility within a trusted framework.

K2 Investment System

Under development since the inception of K2 our Proprietary Portfolio System allows K2’s portfolio managers to monitor every dollar of client capital that is exposed to the market.

Portfolio managers can oversee returns for every position independently and collectively, ensuring a transparent and accountable environment.

Stop-loss triggers and portfolio construction guidelines are embedded into the system providing downside protection and allowing managers to act quickly and effectively.

Embedded trading rules ensure compliance and eliminate breaches of K2’s portfolio construction guidelines.

The Proprietary Portfolio System is a powerful tool that allows us to effectively execute our investment philosophy, process and objective.