How to Invest

Direct Investment via the ASX

Exchange Quoted Managed Funds:

K2 Global Equities Fund (ASX: KII)
K2 Australian Small Cap Fund (ASX: KSM) 

  • Read the PDS at the bottom of this page

  • Easy access via your broker or online broker account

  • No paper application forms

  • No minimum investment

  • Investments held via your CHESS account

  • Daily liquidity

Direct Application via PDS

You can apply for units directly within the K2 funds by following the below steps:

1. Read this PDS, including the Additional Information, and our Privacy Statement 

2. Complete the application form and client identification form at the end of this document and 
send them to the unit registry with cleared funds by 2.00pm on the Business Day on which you 
wish to purchase units.

3. Receive confirmation of your investment via email or post and begin accessing your account 
via our online portal.

Access & Availability for Master Trusts & Wrap Platforms

In addition to investing directly, the K2 Funds are available through Master Trust accounts and Wrap Platforms. Please refer to the table below for the full list:

Master Trust/Wrap Platform* K2 Asian Fund K2 Australian Fund K2 Select Fund
Asgard eWrap and Master Trusts
Colonial First Wrap
BT Wrap and Super Wrap
Macquarie Wrap and Super Wrap
Netwealth Investment and Super
Oasis - Wealthtrac  
MLC Wrap
MLC Masterkey  
AMP Wealthview E*Wrap  
AMP Flexible Super    

*Please note that in most cases the above names are for the main Master Trust/IDPS provider. There may be a badged offering/s behind these providers which may or may not offer all the funds mentioned.

K2 Global Equities Fund PDS

K2 Australian Small Cap Fund PDS

K2 Asian Fund PDS

K2 Australian Fund PDS

K2 Select International Fund PDS

K2 Global Alpha Fund PDS

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